Friday, January 26, 2018

Uploading Waypoints from Lowrance to EcoSound Trips

As we wrote about in our now dated waypoint post, BioBase's waypoint feature is a simple but useful tool for adding data points to your maps. Since we added the waypoint feature in 2013, we have gotten many questions about how to export waypoints collected with a Lowrance plotter and upload the points to BioBase. This post will guide you through exporting waypoints from your newer generation Lowrance HDS or Elite Ti unit and uploading them to BioBase.

1. The first step is to navigate to the home screen of your unit by pressing on the pages button.

2. Scroll down on the left menu to find the "Files" option and select it.

3. Under "My Files", select "Waypoints, Routes, Trails and Trips database

4. Select "Export..."

5. Select .gpx as the file format

6. Select your SD card as the destination folder

7. Save the file as a new file

8. Remove your SD card from your Lowrance unit, insert it into your computer, and save the .gpx file to your computer

9. Open an EcoSound trip on the same waterbody where you collected the waypoints. Select the manage waypoints icon

11. Select Upload waypoints from CSV or GPX file

12. Select Browse and file the .gpx file you would like to upload. Then select Upload.

A BioBase EcoSound map displaying uploaded vegetation species waypoints

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