Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Announcing BioBase EcoSound Stormwater!

Announcing New Product: BioBase EcoSound Stormwater


Get a Lowrance, BioBase Ecosound Subscription, and GIS Layer Package for only $900!

Restoring and protecting water quality in urban landscapes starts by having a comprehensive understanding of the storage capacity of ponds designed to treat and filter stormwater runoff. Stormwater ponds that have filled in over time don't serve their purpose, and pollution of higher profile downstream waters often results. Does your municipality have up-to-date bathymetric profiles of all of municipal stormwater ponds? For the price of a song, BioBase EcoSound can help municipalities acquire and manage this information.


Assemble a fully outfitted mapping kayak for less than $600

The full kit shown above was just over $500 USD (including the kayak) and pieces were purchased from a range of retailers. Eligible* subscribers taking advantage of the EcoSound Stormwater packages get an Elite 5 TI Sonar/GPS Chartplotter for an equivalent of $100.

Collect data easily and quickly

Swiftly glide in concentric circles while you passively log your sonar and GPS. Follow your trail as you work your way into the middle of the pond.  Less than an hour later, you should be done with all the hard work. Upload your Sonar Log from your MicroSD card to BioBase EcoSound and let our cloud-servers create high resolution bathymetry maps for you automatically in less than an hour!


Go fully autonomous with Platypus robotic boats

BioBase has partnered with Platypus LLC to offer ultra rapid, fully autonomous solutions data acquisition and processing. At a cost that rapidly decreases with the larger number of ponds (as low as $18/acre) you elect to map, Platypus staff or partners will travel to your municipality and deploy one to several autonomous boats enabling them to map large numbers of ponds over a short period of time.  This video shows the process in action with their Lutra prop boat. These ultra light boats draft inches of water and reduce labor and occupational safety hazards associated with manned boats. Build an online quote here or contact www.senseplatypus.com to learn more about their autonomous boats and pond mapping services.


With the Stormwater Professional Subscription, our GIS staff will summarize pond statistics and package into a GIS Layer

For $900 (Stormwater Professional Package), you'll get all the benefits of the basic Stormwater Essentials subscription, plus our GIS staff will take it a step further and summarize pond statistics (size, max depth, water volume) and assemble both point and polygon boundary data into a GIS layer. Additional GIS Services are available to suit the unique needs of your municipality to efficiently manage water resource assets and comply with state and federal regulations.

Contact info.biobase@c-map.com if you are interested in getting more details about BioBase Stormwater or scheduling a demo.

*Eligible customers - Local units of government or private service providers who remain within defined municipal boundaries.  Private service providers can purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple municipalities if desired. Qualifying customers are eligible for one Elite-Ti. Contact info.biobase@c-map.com for more information

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