Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waypoint Upload Feature

We tout the power of passive acoustic data collection while on the water for other reasons.  Those other reasons may include sampling plant species, water quality, substrate composition, or marking other points of interest.  Now ciBioBase allows you to upload up to 1000 points of interest, where they can be viewed on your ciBioBase maps and in the automated reports (Figure 1)!
Figure 1. Waypoint upload feature that allows basic uploads and overlays of comma-delimited .csv waypoint files

Its Beauty is its Simplicity
ciBioBase's waypoint feature is not intended to be a waypoint file manager and advanced analysis tool but rather an easy way for users to incorporate spatial samples into their ciBioBase maps and reports for viewing and sharing needs.

Figure 1. shows how multiple waypoint "layers" can be filtered from one grand spreadsheet of point-intercept survey points.  Only points of interest can be uploaded as individual files (a max of 4 data columns are allowed) and easily deleted if needed.  Figure 1. shows Eurasian watermilfoil survey points in yellow and non-milfoil points in blue.  Without going to any other lengths to combine these data layers as mentioned in previous posts, you can already see that the dense bed in the NW bay of McCarron's Lake is probably mostly Eurasian watermilfoil.

Made for Easy Data Sharing Through a Link
After a .csv waypoint file is successfully uploaded, users must reprocess their report by clicking on the lower right icon in their waypoint viewer (Figure 1).  After less than 5 minutes, you'll receive an email saying the report is done reprocessing.  Figure 2 is an excerpt showing how the various layers are incorporated into the reports and have collapsible views.  Click here to get this exact report.  Try highlighting the data and pasting into Excel.  Now you have all the data that was in the report and you can do your own analysis on the data.  Large file attachments of spreadsheets are no longer needed with this feature.  Just send your partners or clients the link to the report or embed it in your lake survey report.

Figure 2.  Excerpt from a reprocessed automated report with waypoints from a point-intercept  plant species survey incorporated into the report.  Highlighting the data and pasting into MS Excel allows for quick sharing of data.
Some additional notes about use
This waypoint feature is in the beta stage of development.  We encourage its use by our clients and appreciate feedback on its utility and suggested improvements.  As mentioned above, the aim of this tool is not to be an alternative to GIS or other waypoint management programs but rather a way of quickly integrating waypoints into ciBioBase for viewing and sharing.

Pay careful attention to the file prerequisites (e.g., header names, decimal degree coord. system) as files will not load if they are not met.  Contact CI if you need assistance using the tool.


  1. This looks great - I can't wait to try it! Will we also be able to add visual estimates of biovolume this way and incorporate them into the heat map? I have lots of these for shallow areas near shore.

  2. Almost there, but not quite yet. Stay tuned...


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