Thursday, May 24, 2012

Virtual SAV Ground Truthing

ciBioBase is the future of aquatic vegetation mapping!  Not only can aquatic vegetation data be collected on non-dedicated mapping time, but it can be collected by everyone in your organization to crowd source the effort of creating a time stamped aquatic habitat database.  One thing we recognized right away was the need to offer virtual ground truthing of your % BioVolume output for accuracy confirmation.  If you can do it from our computer within each trip, there's literally no additional effort to make sure your maps are right on!  That's why we provide Trip Replay!

With Trip Replay you can replay your entire trip and be sure that the % BV heat maps match the cross section of the water column as your watch your boat travel along your transects.  See below for an example of data collected in a bay with a hydrilla infestation:

Your raw data collection is automatically processed by our powerful cloud servers and fully mapped with krigging algorithms and other geo-statistical considerations.  Best part is it's all done in minutes and you don't need any background in GIS.  Once processed, you can then replay the entire trip and watch your boat travel along the transects and ground truth the % BV heat map with the water column cross section (on the right).   Blue represents 0 % BV and red shows 100% BV. 

This feature allows our customers to verify every trip output for accuracy and provide objective evidence for anyone that questions your aquatic vegetation maps!  Let us know what you think and log into our demo account to see it for yourself:, click "login" in the upper right hand corner
Password: demo

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